We should try everything possible to avoid Brexit

We should try everything possible to avoid Brexit


March 8, 2018

Our opinion is that as soon as the EU offers more autonomy over its control of immigration to Britain, the mood in the UK on leaving could drastically change.

Mr Henkel, why did you name the draft withdrawal agreement proposed by the Commission “a declaration of war on European industry”?– To me it is very obvious that Mr Barnier, the European Commission’s Chief Negotiator, wants the British to leave the EU. And he wants to punish Britain to make sure that no other country gets the same idea as Britain. What is totally ignored on the continent, both by the politicians and the media, is the fact that Brexit is very detrimental for the EU, not only for the UK, especially for the European industry. Because Britain is the second largest economy and when leaving the EU it will become the largest customer of the EU. I think it is in the interest of European industry to

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