The EU and the BREXIT

The EU and the BREXIT

16. und 17. Januar 2018

+++ The EU and BREXIT +++

For some time now, I have been working with Roland Berger, Klaus-Michael Kühne, Michael Rogowski Manfred Schneider, Hans-Werner Sinn and Heinrich Weiss on a „New Deal for Britain and the EU“. If you do not know about this petition, our campaign website is the following: The petition comes in a total of 7 languages since it addresses all Europeans.

After meeting with Jean-Claude Juncker, in Strasbourg on Monday, and calmly and extensively exchanging views on #Brexit, Britain’s future was also a topic in the plenary session at the European Parliament. Yesterday I addressed some questions to Mr. Juncker, to which he replied to today.

In the attached video you can see the compilation of our speeches from the plenary. I consider the recognition of complicity, as well as the co-responsibility of the EU in Brexit to be remarkable. Comparing this statement with those who are negotiating for the EU and Britain is, I hope, the right signal at the right time.

Even more important were statements by President Junker and his colleague Donald Tusk at the European Council. They confirmed that in the event of a change of mind on the island, they are prepared to work together to prevent Brexit. Both have cracked opened the door to an „Exit from Brexit.” Our initiative is now work together in order to push this door wide open. Join us and help us!

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#NewDeal #Europe

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